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A Strong Faith

Updated: May 19, 2021

A strong faith can let you do anything

In the dark of depression, they are the stars twinkling

In an ocean of tears, it is a floating boat

In the heart of fears, it’s a courageous oath.

A strong faith helps you to achieve goals

Therefore, the coldest place will have a burning coal

And if your faith is firm, there’s a tremendous change.

Don’t go to the aftermath, just climb the mountain range.

A strong faith can be for the good or bad.

It may be used by the wise, or the mad.

But if your persistence can open all the doors,

Don’t worry about the prize, for the victory is yours.

Every life needs to have the strongest faith.

So that they too can open success’ gate.

For the journey of life is never smooth,

You have two choices: big win or failure’s gloom.

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