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Are You Ready For A Roller Coaster Ride?

You are on earth to fulfill a purpose. No matter what, you won’t die without doing it. It can be your dream or any unknown plan of God. But believe me or not, this life you get won’t go waste. It shouldn’t. One such way it happens is by converting the journey of life into a roller coaster ride and that’s commonly termed as ups and downs of your life.

Some people regret having to cross a mountain range to reach their destiny. But the rules of life state that the journey towards destiny isn’t flat and straight, never. Otherwise, today each person on earth could’ve been a star. There wouldn’t have been any fan or admirer. And there’s no point crossing an easy road to have nobody to love and get inspired by you. In fact, you won’t even be an inspirational person without bearing any pain.

“Fill your mind with light, happiness, hope, feelings of security and strength, and soon your life will reflect these qualities.” -This is one such tip to stay hopeful even in your worst troubles. Everyone at first is skeptical about being able to fulfill their dreams, but is later intrigued by every surprise life has in store for them. You were made such that you’ll be able to overcome every challenge of you life. But some doubtful souls give up when they’re just one step away from success. You don’t want to be that way. You have to keep in mind that the world needs you to exist. Directly or indirectly, we are a part of every person on earth and they need us to survive. At least for their sake, it is necessary to take up challenges and show the world what you’ve got. ‘Now or Never’ -These are the two phases of time you’ve got to decide what you’ll do: get stressed out and run from trouble or go slowly, limping, climbing, sliding, crawling and finally hoist a flag of victory in the end.

Here, people feel thrilled while mounting down the track. That's obviously not the case with our life. But if we accept these downfalls, we may probably have the confidence to rise again after falling down.

To sum it up, your thoughts shouldn’t be fragile. Be optimistic and persistent. Ultimately, you’ll achieve your goals. But remember, try to maintain your position. Strengthen your grip at where you are, otherwise you might fall down. Because once you’ve fulfilled your dreams, life will have harder challenges in store for you. As of now, Are you ready for life’s roller coaster ride?

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