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Colours of Life

Updated: May 8, 2022

Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green,

Yellow, Orange and Red are seen

When you refract hard work through your dreams,

Then these are the colours of life received.

First comes Red as it stands at the top,

It fills our blood with power unstopped.

With love and passion and energy as well,

Every life must have a ‘Red story’ to tell.

Next comes Orange jumping out of excitement.

It fills our life with enthusiastic events.

It warms down your heart and turns you humble,

That you’ll never have anything about to grumble.

Third comes Yellow life’s jolly pigment,

It makes you contented and filled with enlightenment.

With it, you realize you’re special in all ways,

Optimism arises of the coming of happy days.

Green’s the next, full of progress

It helps you successfully prosper.

It gives you security and calm of mind

And hosts yourself to a fresh, new world.

Then arrives blue, the intellectual tint

that humans obviously have.

But beware its peaceful power may

Even end up making you sad.

Indigo’s subsequent, the justice of life.

It dedicates oneself to his dreams.

It finds the integrity and passion in him

Hence, to fulfill your goals, you remain keen.

Last but not the least comes violet hue

The mixture of raging red and peaceful blue.

Therefore, it keeps you mature and noble

So you are a perfect stir of red-blue standards.

These are the colours of life indeed,

And there are in fact many more.

But we don’t see this beauty of life

That it invisibly for us withholds.

Each moment of life is colourful

And its unrecognized splendor makes it live.

All you need to do is look beyond the seen

And start living a colourful life.

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