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A Real Life Dream

“Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful. Just put forth a clear enough request, and everything your heart desires must come to you.”

Mahatma Gandhi

I read this quote recently and an unusual question popped up in my mind. Which is the real life? Okay, okay…I know I’m asking a lame question. But hey, first give an eye to my definition of life.

“Something that has no limits, no restrictions, no boundaries. Something over which nobody except you have full control and ownership. Something that is so special and so valuable that it should be lived to the fullest. That’s LIFE.”


I don’t know if all of you might agree to it. But, in my case, life isn’t what it’s meant to be if I can’t live it to the fullest. And that’s when I realised that this life that I’m living is indeed incomplete. I have restrictions and boundaries set up. I can’t cross them and go beyond the limits. I don’t feel free to even know my potential, to understand how far can I go, how high can I fly, how deep can I dig. Every day begins with anxiousness. Negative thoughts like- ‘Who’s going to scold me today? Am I going to be insulted during my classes today? Have I done all my homework? Are my teachers going to scold me today? Will I be able to join the meetings on time? Today, are my parents in a good mood or not? Today, will my parents doubt on me while I’m using the computer? Will I have to listen to my grandpa’s lecture all over again? Will I be able to remember everything for my exams? How much more load are my teachers going to put on me today?’ Even though I’m pretty sure, I’ve prepared well for the coming days, I’m pressured. I’m scared of tiny things like being scolded. I just can’t let go and chill out. It’s easy to understand why. I’m a human and humans mostly intend to believe negative things over the positives ones. Anyways, what I’m living isn’t life. It’s a nightmare.

On the other hand, there is this one very short, eight to nine hour period, when I’m not in any bondage. During the night, I’m free. In my imagination, I’m at the greatest heights, the deepest depths, the farthest ahead. I can be the happiest, the saddest, the most frightened, the bravest. I can be on the most fiery ride on a roller coaster, or enjoy the beautiful, high waves of the sea. I can be in the space and travel through a wormhole. I can be in heaven and meet the angels. I can be the author of my dreams. I can see people who are no more in this world as well as those who are still alive. I can have an encounter with celebrities. I myself can be a celebrity, or even a beggar, or a president or a super hero. I can be anything or anyone or anywhere I want to be. That’s life, without boundaries, limits or restrictions. Nobody controls my choices and I have freedom. Every second is special in a way that it remains imprinted in my brain.

My so-called real life and my dreams, they are two totally different worlds. They even change my life span. Let me illustrate that with the help of an example : One night, I dreamt of falling into a pit, a very deep one. My life should’ve faded by then, but it didn’t.

Here, if I’d have related this incident to my so-called real life, I would have practically lost my life. But if I relate it to my not-so-called real life (i.e. my dreams), I am still alive. That means, the so-called real life can end. But there is no end to dreams. Alright, now you might think that once a person leaves this world, his dreams end. But how do you know that? I mean, you can’t be sure of that until and unless you know what’s after life, right? But again (I know, I know, this is an entangled topic), if you consider your dreams to be your real life, then you are indirectly an immortal being. What if, that was how humans were created? Buddha said that everything around us is a maya or an illusion. What if that’s true, what if that has to be true? Dear readers, we don’t know if this life that we’re living is the real life or not. So, whatever sorrow or pain or anger bothers you, just leave it as a dream, just consider it as a maya. Probably, the cause of that trouble is just fantasy. Maybe, the real life is yet to come.

Isn’t life supposed to be beautiful? These four walls that have surrounded me, don’t seem to show any signs of beauty. But the power of a dream that makes me imagine a ton of things, are partially convincing me that my real life is deep down in my mind, in my dreams. These are some abstract thoughts that hit my mind, affect my heart and makes me want to express it to all of my dear readers. Your input on this topic would surely be valuable. Just remember…Whatever sort of life you are living, make sure it’s being lived to the fullest. Help people and together make this world a better place.

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