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Looking back to the future

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Good morning Jeffery. Today is the eighteenth of July, 2053. A usual Saturday. However, I have a surprise for you." was the monotonous voice of Alexa resonating in a drowsy Jeffery's room. Jeffery was still not in a mood to wake up. So he grabbed his blanket and pulled it upon his head and berried himself in his bed. Then suddenly, his bed jerked as if a car had suddenly hit a bumper, making him fall off his mattress. As soon as his skin touched the floor, confetti flew over the room while the happy birthday song started to play in Alexa's voice. What a silly morning, he thought to himself. Alexa just won't let him sleep peacefully, even on his birthday. He lay on the carpet in his room, eyes wide open, ugliest frown on his face and a list of things to do lingering around in his head, while the happy birthday song continued to play. "ALEXA! STOP.", he commanded the artificially intelligent device and all the noise and commotion in his room which was adding up to the polluted morning, stopped.

“Jeffery, your second birthday wish of the day has been sent from your parents.”

“Hey Jeffery baby, many many happy returns of the day son. We love you a lot.” Was Jeffery’s mother’s recorded voice resonating in his room. He smiled.

“Happy birthday my boy. May god bless you and have a great life okay? Done.” Jeffery’s dad wished him. His smile grew wider. He was happy that his parents, especially his dad remembered his birthday.

“Alexa record my voice in three, two, one…Thanks mom, thanks dad. I love you. Hope to see you soon. Done.”

"Voice message sent." Alexa announced.

"By the Way, Alexa, who gave me the first birthday wish of the day?"

"Why Jeffery, me of course!" Alexa sounded proud. Ugh! Does that really have to count? Jeffery thought.

Then he got on his feet and groggily sauntered towards the bathroom. Then he remembered something and plodded back to his room. "Alexa, clean up this mess within twenty minutes." he said in an angry tone. "Cleaning mode within twenty minutes, on" was the flat sound of Alexa's voice. Argh! Life these days...feels so dead, Jeffery thought.

Jeffery had just turned twenty-four years old. Yet, there were no signs of happiness or excitement on his face. Indeed true, he was and adult now and that birthdays meant nothing to him. But something that made his day even worse than better was that nobody, except his parents, even bothered to wish him. No friend or relative. Alexa would've always notified him of any message his friends sent because he kept his friends’ notifications always loud and clear. But today, there weren't any. Instead, it was this lifeless device which provided him with his first birthday wish of the day.

(Spoiler alert! People these days are very busy that if they die, the main cause of this death would be excessive stress due to loads and loads of work.)

He stood in front of the mirror in his bathroom and scanned his reflection with his eyes. There weren't any dark circles, or too many pimples on his face, He realized that that was pretty much his birthday gift gifted by luck - Some good sleep and a natural face makeover. He pressed a button below his tooth-brush-stand which was attached to the wall and a pair of hands appeared from behind the mirror which took the brush, squeezed down some toothpaste on it and then went towards his mouth to brush his teeth. Up-down-right-left, the hands moved and Jeffery stood there, prevent any tooth paste (that's now mixed with his saliva) from being scrubbed on his face.

"By the way Jeffery, you have to order ten extra OXIDISE oxygen bags as only two of them are left to be used. In fact, the pollution level in San Francisco has increased by Seventy-three point eight six per cent. If I order the bags now, they'd arrive by today evening. Should I order them?" Alexa echoed in Jeffery's room while simultaneously cleaning up the confetti.

Jeffery who was listening to the information was pretty anxious now, he should've ordered the bags before hand. After he had rinsed his mouth, he went back to his room.

"Alexa, quickly order the oxygen bags." Jeffery commanded.

"As you wish, Jeffery." Alexa responded. "May I get your ozone suit ready? It's reported that another twenty-one per cent of the ozone layer in the atmosphere has disappeared due to excessive green house gas effect."

"Yes, quick!" Jeffery replied.

Thank God, I have a responsible Alexa assisting me at all times. Without it, this forgetful me would've messed up my entire life. Jeffery thought.

Jeffery opened up the curtains of his room, The scene outside Jeffery's apartment was pathetic. It looked totally blue and grey. Blue, because of all the sufferings and unnecessary payments people had to do on oxygen cylinders and ozone suits. Grey, because of the monotonous scene and ugliness of the once beautiful world. Today, Jeffery was supposed to be happy. But he sensed a tear streaming down his face. He knew what the world before him was like. He knew that because of pictures he'd seen on google. He knew there was a time when people used to live for hundred-two hundred years. Now...staying alive till fifty itself was a great deal. Suddenly, Jeffery started feeling dizzy. It was as if the harmful gases had somehow made an entrance into his room through a small opening. Jeffery was suffocating. He couldn't open the windows. The pollution would enter the room then. Alexa started a siren. It kept announcing that a mixture of helium and carbon monoxide had entered the room. Jeffery ran towards his wardrobe to get an oxygen cylinder, but by then, he had already passed out. The siren kept playing.

Now Jeffery was coming back to his senses. He was waking up! But now, he heard his alarm, instead of a siren. When he finally opened his eyes, he realised that all of it was a dream. He could even feel the tears streaming down his cheeks. Chills ran down his spine. He had to take immediate action and unite the world to save it for the future. He brushed his teeth, using his very own hands. He didn't require any ozone suit or oxygen bags. He lived with his parents, so he knew they'd be safe and healthy with him around. he quickly got ready and rushed towards the WHO department building, where he worked. Today, he had to prepare some content for a meeting. It would contained all the data of the amount of pollution and trees getting cut down, some prediction of the future when precautionary measures are not taken as well as when they're taken and several new innovative ideas to preserve earth. A short speech to begin with his meeting would be mandatory. He kept looking back to the future that he had experienced in his terrifying dream which helped him to get to the seriousness of Mother Earth's critical condition and try saving her.

But friends, it's not just Jeffery who can alone save the world. The future of Mother Earth lies in all of our hands too. We can do various things to protect our natural beauty. I repeat, VARIOUS things. Don't give a reason today...otherwise the result will never be fruitful. The coming generations need to know how wonderful God is, that he created such a beautiful place. They need to know how smart mankind is that they preserved this beautiful place. Please don't insult your own intelligence by greed, war and ignorance. The future depends on the past. If the adults of today are the past, then their next generation are the future. We, the next generation, are nothing without you. We have dreams to fulfil, people to love and a life to live. Please help us out, we'll help you too. We promise. But, without you, we're NOTHING. Let's bring life back to Mother Earth.

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