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Mother, Wife, Sister, Friend and…Nurse!!??

(Phone rings)

Jerry : Hello, mumma is that you?

Mother : Yes yes yes... It’s me. How is everything at home?

Jerry : Everything is fine. Today you are late again?

Mother : Oh yes. There are a lot of cases in the hospital today. I might not be able to reach home till tomorrow morning. Many nurses and staff are positive for corona. So I have to work in place of them. Right?

Jerry : So again I have to eat Khichdi cooked by Father?

Mother : Ha-ha...probably

Jerry : Ugh! By the way, did you inform Father?

Mother : I already informed him.

Jerry : That is why he has begun struggling in the kitchen since the past hour.

(Father in the background): Is it Mom on the phone? Ask her how to separate the whites of the egg from the yellows. Oops! Looks like the stove is burning!!!

Jerry : Heard that?

Mother : Ha-ha-ha ! Tell him to gently tilt the cup until the yellow falls in the other cup. By the way, it doesn’t seem like he is making Khichdi.

Jerry : Um...he is trying to cook some egg rice.

Mother : Looks like the kitchen will be in great shape next morning.

Jerry : Ha-ha-ha. How many patients are there in hospital right now?

Mother : Almost 50 to 70 positive cases.

Jerry : That’s too much! Please take care mom.

Mother : Everybody here are taking all the precautionary measures they can. We don’t know when what happens. All we can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Jerry : Now you are petrifying me.

Mother : There is nothing to be petrified of. If anything happens to any of us, we will face the difficulties together, like every family does. And we never know what the future has in store for us.

Jerry : Hmmm. Mom, yesterday I got to know that our neighbour's wife was in a critical condition. How is she now?

Mother : Oh dear! She is no more. (sobs slightly) We gave our best, but luck took a twist.

(All the commotion in Jerry's background stops)

(Father in the background) :Oh God! May her soul rest in peace.

Jerry : Everything will be alright mom. Please don't cry.

Mother : This is why I have to stay here all night. I can't just give my best, I have to give my maximum...everything I've got, to save the other patients too.

Jerry : I understand...But, it's difficult to stay at home without you either. Big brother always troubles me and asks me to do all his work,

(Big brother in the background): Hey! That's a white lie. I do all my work on my own.

Jerry : Liar!!!

Mother : Uh-oh...I'm going to sue him when I come back home.

(Sound of a siren)

Mother : Oh no! Looks like there's an emergency, I have to go. Please take care okay? Love you. Good night.

(Call ends)

Father : Oh no! The oil's burning!!! Aaahhh...get a fire extinguisher.

Jerry : You should have bought one.

Big Brother : Hey Jerry! Go and dry the clothes for me no...I have a very important match to watch.

Jerry : And you call me a liar???

Big Brother : Sorry go and dry the clothes.

Jerry : What ever.....


Well friends, this was just a glimpse of my life. My Mom is a nurse, Dad is a teacher and big brother is the greatest tormentor. It's not easy to live without a mother at home. But in these typical times of the pandemic, not just my family, but many of your family members are striving hard enough to keep humanity existing on earth, without ever thinking of the circumstances they might have to face in the future. I salute all the frontline warriors out there who are putting their lives at risk and protecting us and I'm sure, you too salute them. This COVID-19 pandemic has taken a lot from us. But just as nature never forgets to maintain balance, this pandemic has also given much to us. One of these many things is the realisation of how important nurses are. Their injections are their swords, their PPE kits are their shields, their optimism is their carriage and their dedication is their courage. Imagine a world without nurses. How would we even endure this pandemic without them? Indirectly, we're thanking God for creating humans who can comfort even the saddest soul on Earth. After all, such people make nurses. There is a nurse in all of us. Just be kind and welcome everyone with the warmest smile and then wait and watch how Mother Earth resurrects from her almost lifeless condition.

Let me express my gratitude to Florence Nightingale, the first nurse on Earth who remains to be an inspiration to people across the globe. It's because of her that Nurses exist and that humans find the courage to face the riskiest situations and save lives. Indeed, she brought selflessness into people's list of attitudes and she is the reason generations survive.

"My due respect to you, mom and to all the superheroes wearing PPE kits and saving humanity. Thank you for existing, thank you for helping us, thank you for smiling, thank you for keeping us alive and help us take in all the pleasures of life. After all, I just realised that all I can say is a tonne of thank you's. But all that gratitude is nothing in front of what you all have done for us. Today is your day. But I know you won't consider it as do have lot many lives to save. I don't know if this little act of mine makes any difference. But I want all of you frontline workers to know that you make the greatest difference. You give life to Earth and teach us the importance of unity and love. No matter what colour, caste or creed, you united and worked together and 'that's what's made the difference'."

Thank you from the core of all our hearts for being the saviour of humanity.


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