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My First Shelter

The first shelter that I ever got lasted for nine months. I could never get a shelter like that later onwards. There was something so special living in there which drove it trillions of football fields away from these cemented walls that have surrounded me now. My first home had muscular walls. They were soft, yet strong and carried me asleep for nine months. There was a fluid of unconditional love flowing around me. I’d always cuddle myself and feel lullabies floating within those muscular walls. Sometime later, I started to grow. This home was a bit small now. I gave the walls tender kicks and felt lovely palms caressing my home’s walls. Once, I felt utterly irritated that I struggled my way out. When I sensed the first beams of light blinding me, I felt weak and couldn’t take it anymore. I opened my mouth wide and used my voice to cry out loud. This was the first verb that I did after coming into this world. Then a pair of deep black eyes met my brown ones. They were enriched with love and victory. I was her first-born daughter. I gazed back into her eyes and her lips stretched into a warming smile which made me feel very comfortable. I never knew anything about my first home until I sold it after eight years to my younger brother. I am never going to get that home again and so, I named that romantic home ‘MOTHER’.

My mother has carried two souls in her stomach. She was the only wisest soul I ever found on earth. I believe that she is a superhero with gifted ordinary miracles of love, tolerance, boldness and wisdom. She is the funny and active spider girl without webs. She is the responsible and brave captain mom without a shield. She is the intelligent iron woman without the armor suit. She is my beautiful wonder woman. With high hopes that her legacy will be continued, she introduced a princess and a prince to this upside-down world of hatred, judgement and challenges. For the first three months, she cuddled us and nourished our blood with love. She gave her maximum time to us. She gave her level best to make us feel as if we are still in our motherly home for which we had fallen in love. She taught us to stand on our feet and walk. She touched our hearts without performing any cardiac surgery. She laughed and smiled with us. Literally, she gave us all of her.

I’ve spent thirteen happy years with my mother. In these days, I learnt one thing that is a downside of this world. Some people leave their parents in old age homes and pretend that they’ll be back soon but end up cheating them. When you just forget the backbone of your life, you start to follow the wrong path and your life bends. And how can one forget their first home which protected them for nine long months? How can one not remember the superwoman who can sacrifice even her life to love you? How can one forget the soul who carried their soul, the bravest woman and the only one who gave you this life and enabled you to see the seven colors, to hear silence and noise, to taste sugar and salt, to smell good and bad and to feel love and happiness? Today’s world is undergoing a pathetic situation especially on the phase of love for family.

If you have true love for your mother, you exactly know what that superwoman needs to be super! She needs your love and time. She needs your jokes and laughs. She needs your stupid talks and only you. You cant let this wonder woman down. Because she is not a meek little Snow white, she is not an ordinary girl, she is not so sensitive. She is a strong, extraordinary, rough and tough mother. Although, you might’ve never seen her toughness, but she knows everything about you. She is a sponge that absorbs all the negativity and never lets you get tensed. But iron man left this world forever and one day so will she. But if you love her truly, she’ll never leave your heart. Do try to keep her happy no matter what because nobody is as dear as a mother, nobody is as dear as a mother.


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