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Nothing Is Permanent

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

You exactly know how to make your friends laugh in times of their gloominess. Also, you know how to make your mother pleased. And almost every time, you work hard to make your father proud of you. But why do you want to make them feel on top of the world every now and then? Have you ever sensed this unconditional, strong bond between you and your loved ones? We generally call it ‘love’. Many say that love takes place deep down inside your heart. But yes, it sounds funny. Heart just pumps blood. Personally, I believe that love is an emotion that no part of your body, except those two beautiful, delicate balls in your sockets can express. Your eyes: they tell everything.

‘Hate. It has caused many problems but hasn’t solved one yet.’ With this common knowledge too, we still have wars, political and social issues, conflicts and what not? When will people learn to love and live in peace and harmony?

Today, maybe the richest person on earth owns a lot of mansions, cars, flats, etc. But do you think that these things are handy for him to stay happy and satisfied for eternity? Absolutely not. Instead, he might get greedy for more. Maybe he says that all the property he has ‘belongs’ to him. But how is that possible? Just signing a paper doesn’t make you the possessor of something. You will have to give that thing to someone in some or the other point of your life. We have a mindset of owning things. But over time, in the end, that thing is never yours. Actually, we don’t own anything or anyone. ‘Nothing belongs to anyone. Nothing is permanent’.Happiness won’t accompany you all your life. Sadness will not walk by your side in every step you take ahead. The best day of your life will definitely come, but it’ll probably last for 24 hours or less. One day, you’ll be at the peak of your happiness, you’ll be very famous, successful or totally depressed and low. But, that’s just a matter of moments. Everything changes every now and then. In short, you can’t live forever, smile for eternity, or mourn endlessly. However, if your will power supports, you can stand this universal truth in many different ways.

One of the best ways to tackle this downfall is mentioned in the first paragraph. ‘Love’. We all are a part of the biggest family on earth, the family of humanity. Every human whom we may or may not know- from a beggar on the street to a rich business man in his office- ‘everyone’ is a part of us directly or indirectly. So if you love this big family of yours, you are very well aware of some of your family members who suffer on the sidewalks, homeless, helpless and hopeless. You also call them under-privileged. However, as a family, if you can afford to help at least one of them with the numerous resources you have, God will surely bless you. That’s what the almighty wants from us, to turn the dark days of the people into a bright light. But in order to do that, we must change our mindset from ‘Everything is mine’ to ‘Nothing is permanent’.

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