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The 3 most embarrassing things that ever happened in my life (part 1)

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Embarrassing moments. Why did I even come up with such a topic? Well, because this topic made me nostalgic. Ironic how embarrassing moments can have sentimental impacts on oneself (or that probably happens with only me). A lot many memories flooded into my mind and I felt like pouring them out. And that’s what I’m doing, on a holiday, where I’m getting enough time to ‘think’. So, here goes the first most embarrassing moment of my life.

1. The most responsible recess monitor

This took place when I was in grade 5, about four years ago. Students left their classrooms with their lunch boxes and ate along with their friends in the assembly hall every recess and lunch. Grade 5 was the senior-most grade in the primary section. So many responsibilities were handed to us at that time of our lives, one of them being the recess monitor. Students were not allowed to go back to their classrooms at recess or lunch and the responsibility of assuring that they followed this rule was given to the recess monitors. They also had to make sure that the students went back to their classes in straight lines without crowding the stairs or creating a commotion in the corridors when the bell rang indicating that recess or lunch break was over. As soon as these monitors would hear the recess or lunch break bell, they’d storm out of their classrooms and shout ‘GO TO THE ASSEMBLY HALL’ into every class of the primary section. Also, they’d get the privilege to eat their food with immense peace, alone in their classrooms.

During the second semester of grade 5, I and two other girls from my class were appointed the new recess monitors. Those were the days when I loved being a monitor. Leadership was my forte and I loved bossing around my friends and ordering them to do stuff. I liked dominating…I still do (but with a comparatively more mature perspective). And the job of a recess monitor didn’t seem less interesting either. For the first few days, I was perfectly carrying out my responsibility until…this happened.

It's a norm, a rule to switch off the lights and fans whenever students leave their classrooms. If a classroom has rotating fans and glowing lights, then somebody is in there. From a faraway distance, I saw a classroom with a similar condition. I assumed that some notorious souls were hiding from us monitors. So, I marched towards that classroom and without blinking or even seeing who was in there, I yelled ‘GO DOWN THIS INSTANT’. Little did I know whom I was shouting at.

When I got a better view of the classroom, nobody was there…but when my eyes drifted towards the teachers’ table, I found my math teacher checking our class’s notebooks! Now let me tell you…in such cases math teachers can be scarier than school principals. It’s like a universal truth without a better explanation. I have somehow managed to make the math teachers have a soft spot for me, even though the gears in my brain fail to work on this subject. But imagine yourselves in my shoes, experiencing this. Forget math, you’d have still fallen into Tartarus if it were any other teacher. I was scared to death when I realised whom I screamed at. Eyes huge and mouth wide open, I stared at my teacher ready to hear all the extra and ordinary words she had to offer me. Oh dear! I was so not going to escape this time. All I could croak out of my throat which was almost dry as the Atacama Desert was, “I’m so sorry.”

Surprisingly, nothing happened! My teacher just smiled. She said it was okay and gestured for me to continue eating. Even before I could thank God for saving me, I made sure to thank my teacher for literally going beyond my expectations. It’s not every time that you do a mistake and the teacher doesn’t scold you. I ran back towards my friends, with my heart still pounding madly at one of the most embarrassing moments I had just experienced. Talking about the disadvantage of this incident, I stopped caring about a room left empty with the fans or lights switched on…

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