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The 3 most embarrassing things that ever happened in my life (part 2)

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

2. When I was more than happy

It’s strange, yet so obvious that something dark is on the way when you’re having the happiest moments of your life. Also, happy moments never last. Nothing does, but happiness seems so short. Here is what happened when I got too happy to be embarrassed.

I was three or four when this incident took place. Like every kid, I was in desperate need of my beloved chocolates. I pleaded with my dad to get me one.

“No, not today!” my dad would say.

“Pwease daddy, pretty pretty pwease?” I’d try again showing him my cute, sparkling, puppy eyes.

“No means NO!” my dad would try and avoid my eyes.

“Arrrrgggghhhhh!” I would cry.

“Ugh! Fine, I’ll get you your damn chocolate.” My dad would say.

Technically this is not how Indian kids and parents interact, even for a piece of candy. But this is definitely how they think. After all, imagination has no limits...

So, I got my desired chocolate and guess what, I was the happiest person alive, then. I tore open the plastic wrap and went towards the dustbin to discard the wrap. Once these significantly insignificant procedures were done, I made sure to eat the delicious chocolate that was there in my right hand.

This is how chocolate should taste and feel: Milky, creamy, smooth, sweet, caramelly and chocolaty.

This is how it actually tasted and felt: metallic, rough, and…non-chocolaty.

I removed whatever was in my mouth, to find out that I was in fact, chewing the chocolate wrapper! At the speed of light, I opened the dustbin to find out that my extreme happiness had led me to throw the chocolate itself instead of the wrapper. My world collapsed. What else could be sadder for a three-four-year-old kid? It took me all of my convincing skills to get my dad to buy me that chocolate and lo, it was rotting in the trash can along with all the other rubbish.

Then, it could have been a tragic story. But now, as I reminiscence this happening, I end up slapping my forehead with my palm, thinking about how I grew up from those dark days of folly to these darker days of wisdom…(It’s your choice whether you see a pun or not. I don’t see them though).

So my dear readers, the moral of this story is that in this cruel world and unfair life, everything must be within a limit…even happiness.

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