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The 3 most embarrassing things that ever happened in my life (part 3)

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

3. Identification skills take a turn

This one’s happened with many people I shared my story with. Must’ve happened with some of you too. It took place when I was six, an age where I was always concerned about what others thought, which eventually became a part of me. This trait is what made this uncommonly common situation embarrassing for me.

We’d gone to the carnival, something that I enjoyed a lot! There were tons of rides…most of which I couldn’t enter due to my height and age. But it was a huge satisfaction just watching those magnificent rides with people and older children screaming and laughing their lungs out. I was so lost in watching these rides and I never realised when or where my dad and mom had gone. When I looked around myself, they were nowhere to be found. I wasn’t panic-stricken yet. I roamed around near the ride I was admiring and shouted out ‘DADDY! MOMMY!’ a couple of times.

My dad was wearing a grey t-shirt (I remember the details!). So, I spotted a man whose back was towards me and was wearing a similar t-shirt. I was a hundred per cent sure that he was my father as I ran towards him and hugged him, saying “Where were you, daddy? I thought I was lost!” Little did I know that the man I hugged was not my dad. He was just another visitor whom I mistook to be my dad just because his clothing was similar to my dad’s. His reaction to my actions was what shook me the most. He immediately backed off, the ugliest frown on his face, head all tensed up and managed to say “I’m sorry, you’re mistaken.”

My reaction was worse. I just stopped right in my tracks and kept my mouth wide open in embarrassment. I wasn’t that mannered yet to say sorry and move on. I stood there as if I would burst into tears any second. So, the man abruptly seized his moment and walked away.

That’s when I heard a familiar voice laughing. I turned around to find my dad laughing at me. I wasn’t sure whether I should shout at him or cry restlessly. So, the only thing I did was showed him my pinky finger and say cutty like most children of those days and ran towards my mom with tears streaming down my cheeks.

It was no surprise, that the entire day was spent thinking about what that stranger thought of me. I was upset with my dad. I took a vow to never visit carnivals after that and guess what, I literally never saw the face of a carnival after that particular incident…

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