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The new girl in class

It was a beautiful Monday morning. The rays from the hot ball of fire hanging in the sky made my sweat glisten as I was cycling my path across the street, towards the school. It was the second of April. No special occasion, except the first day of eighth standard. However, the pleasant environment lifted my spirits and surrounded me with optimism. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sharp winds lashing across my face. Today indeed had an awesome beginning, but a fateful end...

There was a new student in class. She was a very unwelcoming personality because of her dull face, cold eyes, ignorant behaviour and silent-killer-like-attitude. Her name was Amanda Brown.

"Hey Amanda! I'm Julia. Can we be friends?"

"Oh sorry, I have not much time to waste on FRIENDS." She replied coldly.

"Um..fine. But, we could at least catch up at recess?" I tried again.

"No thanks, I'm great alone." She grimaced and walked away.

I was half perplexed and half disgusted. Let me tell you something even weird. Amanda never showed her face. It was always covered by a gigantic hood, like those of suspicious witches.

During recess

Trring!!! The bell rang and all the students rushed their ways out of their respective classrooms. I too, was pretty excited to know what new ice-cream flavours were available today, in the canteen. So, as to not miss them, I was in the greatest hurry (Ah! Let me admit it, I have the strongest obsession with ice-creams). I brushed some water on my hands and was running straight towards the canteen, when I heard a painful cry. "Ah!" It was a hoarse and crisp cry, as if the person who was under the pain didn't wanted to be heard. Then I heard a loud BANG, which was followed by a similar cry, which was later followed by some wicked laughter.

"You are a rotten newbie, Amanda. You can't even defend yourself." a girl, who surely had to be Lauren (the greatest bully at eighth grade) said. "Gimme your money, I'll stop bothering you...well, just for today." She and her gal pals laughed crookedly.

"If I defend myself, you'd be found dead." I eavesdropped Amanda who was speaking in a comparatively lower tone. Then I heard her laugh, a very low, dangerous laugh.

"Wanna see?" She asked.

"Show me what you got. I'm all ready." Lauren gave her proud reply.

Then I peeped, such that only one of my eyes would capture the iconic scene. And what I saw was terrible. Amanda was bleeding from a corner of her mouth. Now Lauren, a buff and strong bully, charged at Amanda with such force using her fist, but Amanda was pretty fast. Well, not pretty fast, too fast, argh very fast, no way fast....FASTEST. Just like how a hummingbird's wings flatter ninety-nine times per second, she seemed to be able to cross ten hectares per second. She easily flew to the other side of the room. Everyone including me was startled. However, Lauren and her group seemed to have seen a ghost. They screamed, while Amanda smirked from underneath her hood. She looked terribly petrifying. But at least, she'd won and proved that she wasn't a rotten newbie. Even better, if I found a chance to be friends with her, then maybe I may also get some protection from those bullies, because their faces were worth watching. Now, a side of my brain was pissed off while the other one was cracking up like a maniac. But the laughing got a little more out of control and I burst into a loud audible laughter, accidentally assuring Amanda of my presence.

"What are you doing here?" Amanda asked me angrily.

"Uh-I heard you scream and thought to see what was wrong." I said.

"What's the point? You've wasted five minutes of break time. You neither stepped forward to help me out, you coward." She said, even more crossly.

"I apologise. But I also admit being a coward. Lauren and her team are like the bully gang of our school Even the seniors surrender to her. How do you suppose me to show up in front of her, without shaking my legs?" I explained. "But, how'd you do that?"

"Do what?" She questioned.

"Uh, that moving-very-fast-thing?" I said.

"Ugh! It's none of your business." She was going to walk away, but I held her hand. She looked back at me (Although her eyes weren't visible) and grunted. "What?"

"Sorry, but you're bleeding." I said pulling out my hand-kerchief and wiping the blood off her face. "Um...would you mind if we spend recess together?" I seized my opportunity.

Amanda seemed to be a little touched by my tiny act of care and so, she replied with a "Whatever..."

I smiled and led her to the canteen to buy both of us ice-creams.

"Um...Amanda, what flavour do you want?" I asked.

"Chocolate would do." She replied in a low voice.

"Same! We have similar tastes." And that was indeed true. I love everything that's made up of chocolate. So we got two choco-burst cones and occupied two seats, opposite to each other.

"So, tell me something about yourself." I said.

"Hey! I'm Amanda, almost thirteen. I study in St. Peter's Prep. I'm an Aries whose birthday's on the seventeenth of April." It was as if Amanda was letting out a totally by-hearted speech-very boring and non-lively.

"Hey! My birthday also comes on the seventeenth of April. We're sisters, Amanda." I said, realising the fact. "Do you mind telling me something about your parents?"

Amanda seemed to be a little uncomfortable at that question. So she got up and without saying a word, marched away from me. While she was doing so, I got a little angry. I mean, what kind of an attitude is that? She's so cold, but why? She wouldn't even talk, or explain anything to me. She's a package of mysteries that are impossible to unfold. When the word 'impossible' echoed in my mind, my anger got out of control, but something even strange was that Amanda started flying. She herself was shocked, probably it wasn't her flying. It was someone making her fly. She kept shouting 'whoa's' and 'Ah's'. Suddenly, my concentration on her moved away when a girl started screaming and yelling as if she'd seen a ghost, and that's when Amanda fell down with a thud. Had I made her fly? Amanda looked back at me, totally astonished (Again, her eyes were covered). Her wide, opened mouth showed the surprise. I felt a severe ache on my head, and then everything around me blurred. I fainted. The last thing I'd heard was Amanda shouting out my name.

When I came back to my senses...

I opened my eyes to find myself in an old-abbey-like place. The walls were all worn out and the floor was all dirty. The ceiling was awful, as if I was in a 15th century building that was the least preserved. Something even more scarier was Amanda gazing straight into my eyes. I finally saw her eyes. They were unusually purple. A huge, fresh scar ran through her left eye, giving her a more deadlier look. I knew it was Amanda, and that she was a safe person to be with. But still, I was doubtful and scared.

"Don't worry, nobody here's going to hurt you. How do you feel now?" She asked me.

"I'm good. Where am I and...who are these people?" I realised there were many other people around our age, staring at me as if I were the most attractive celebrity of all. That did make me feel uncomfortable, but I managed to ignore it.

"There are a lot of things you need to know Julia. As of now, you are one of us." Amanda replied.

"What do you mean?"

"You have super powers."

"What? NO, never, IMPOSSIBLE!"

"Yes, always, POSSIBLE."

"Wait, that moving-fast-thing...that was because you too have super powers?"


"Uh-I-I don't c-care. B-but I-I don't have any s-s-super powers. Understood?"

Amanda shook her head.

"You asked me of my parents? I don’t know who they are. I lost them when I was very young. I grew up in an orphanage, but when I realised I had super powers, and that I couldn’t control them, I ran away from my orphanage, to keep the others living there safe. It's not their fault anyways, but what matters the most right now is that you shouldn't go through what I did. You have to learn to control your powers."

I felt sorry for Amanda, but I still wasn't going to agree to the fact that I have super powers.

I shook my head. "Look, first of all, I'm sorry for you. Secondly, I don't have super powers. Thirdly, get me out of this hellish place or else...or else...or else I' you from school."

Amanda smiled. "I understand, but you have to try at least. We all believe that you have super powers. Just give it a try. Please."

For the first time in forever, Amanda's smile looked gorgeous. Even that terrifying scar seemed to look beautiful.

But all that faded away, when some shouting men were heard.

"Hey there, you punks, when are you even gonna come out of that stupid building? Show yourself, before we come in..." and some stupid laughter was heard.

"Argh!" Amanda grumbled. The others in the very same room too grunted and looked tensed.

"What's it? Can't you teach them a lesson using your powers?" I asked.

"That's the issue. If we use our powers, people will get scared of us. The public will come to know our secrets. They aren’t even ready or strong enough to face our compelling powers. We need to be safe as well as keep them safe." Amanda explained.

"Right, but who are they?"

"They're the rowdies of this town. They always come to steal things and harass people. We have used our powers to teach them a lesson, but at the same, we had to behave as if those were natural phenomena. Nobody knows when one gets caught and goes straight behind the bars." Amanda said.

"Then I'm going down there." I said and stomped off the room. Amanda and a few others followed me, trying to stop me. Little did they know I was just trying to escape from there. When I reached the basement, Amanda held my hand and nodded her head in disagreement, as if she was trying to stop me . But I forced my hands out of her grip and went towards those boys.

"What do you people want?" I shouted at them.

"Oh well, there you are. This is what happens when one of the cowards steps out, into danger." One of them said.

That guy let out a knife and pointed it at me. He threw it like a dart gun, when Amanda came right in front of me in a jiffy and behold, she held the knife right in her fist. I watched in awe, with my mouth wide open. Amanda signalled at me, so I behaved as if nothing happened (Although it was pretty hard to do so).

"What just happened!" One of those boys shouted.

"Well, nothing...We’re just too lucky." I replied, while Amanda smiled.

"Then take this." The boy came straight towards Amanda and tightly held her. She struggled to leave, but then the others from his group came and suppressed the force she was applying. One of them pointed a knife on her neck. She was shouting and I stood there, watching her struggle helplessly. Then I got angry, but this anger was different. It was a fierce, a strong and a terrifying feeling. I looked straight at the guy holding Amanda and imagined him being pushed from there and banging on the lamp post behind him. And that's what exactly happened. That guy dropped Amanda and flew straight towards the lamp post and his head hit right at the iron rod, while he fell down with a thud. He became unconscious.

Amanda stood up and ran towards me. Then all of us ran indoors. I was pretty shocked. It took me sometime to register the fact that I indeed had psychic powers. After we reached the room from where we'd come, Amanda hugged me and said, "Thanks Julia." Everyone in the room applauded for me. I smiled. A cold person like Amanda hugging, was a rare phenomenon. And people applauding for me was even rare.

"So, I have super powers, heh?" I asked

"Yep, they are way too SUPER." One of the boys from our group said.

I smiled. But then, my head ached again and I almost passed out, but Amanda held me and gave me some water to drink, which made me feel better.

"I have to go home. I'll be here tomorrow evening for training." I said.

"We'll be waiting for you buddy." Amanda said. I was astonished when she called me 'buddy', but I managed a smile and walked home.

...Little did I know...a ton of adventures awaited me.

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