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To be a good person

Once upon a time, there lived a man who worked super hard every day, shedding his blood, sweat and tears to make ends meet and take care of his family. One day as he walked home, he bumped against some burglars who beat him up and looted the little money he had earned for the day. They threw him at the corner of the road bleeding, battered, bruised and helpless. The poor man was crying in pain. He was begging for help. Several people passed by and saw this helpless man, but none of them cared to help him.

A rich businessman was one of the first ones to see this poor man writhing at the roadside. But like every money-minded miser, he was too busy to think about doing anything good today. "Time is equal to money. That's my motto, not to spend time on people who can't help themselves. Every second is as valuable as a rupee. So I'd rather be at work than bringing this man to his feet." This was the legendary thought of the rich businessman.

Then comes the priest, walking with one of the purest hearts ever. He spotted the bruised man on the roadside and the wise thoughts he had were, "I want to help him. But I'd rather prefer pleasing God than pleasing the mortals of this world. I have got an important prayer ceremony within half an hour. Many people are waiting to praise God. I must hurry." with that in his mind, he left the scene. He left the dying man just the way he was to 'please God'.

Lastly arrived a simple man, who was hurrying home from work to take care of his sick children. When he spotted the half-dead man on the roadside, he acted even before he could think. He carried the man to the nearest hospital, treated him, paid for his treatment and fed him. He told the hospital manager that he would be back after a few days to check on the injured man and pay for any additional treatments required to bring him back to health. The injured man couldn't be more thankful to this person who saved his life. This man mustn't have helped every helpless person out there. But when he did, he made sure to do everything possible in order to comfort the injured man. This man mustn't have attended every prayer ceremony. But with his utter selflessness, he definitely pleased God. This man had his own two children who were sick and waiting for him at home, but in his own suffering, he chose to help the other.

This was a story from the bible with a few additions from my side. Now let's get back to reality. Today's world is busy behind a race and everyone is hunting for success, money and God. Even education has become all about manipulating, reasoning and intelligence i.e. IQ. Feelings, perspective, and humanity i.e. EQ is nowhere in the curriculum and even if it is there, it is highly neglected. People nowadays are not ready to lend a helping hand to those in trouble as they're all busy running their race. With technological development, industrialisation, urbanisation and the existence of concrete jungles, we're gradually losing our sanity and becoming 'robotic humans' as we are losing our ability to love, to live and to be humans.

If we keep going this way, where will our world end up? Children are sending their parents to old-age homes because they don't have enough time to spend with them. Countries are fighting against each other for some illusionary power and reputation. Earlier, existed joint families...which are almost extinct in today's world. Today's generation has in fact, been exposed to many family conflicts, divorces, and fights among siblings, parents and children. These problems are rapidly increasing. Many of us are not ready to forgive and to love each other because we think only of ourselves. Nowadays, people don't tolerate and they fight for even the tiniest of problems because they're incapable to adjust with each other. This selfishness is going beyond limits and filling us with greed, narcissism, competition and hatred.

Now comes a bitter piece of truth. I hope you don't mind me mentioning this. There is this spiritual group of people who don't care about the world around them and are busy practising their rituals to get into heaven. These pleasers of God would pray day and night, give and donate a lot of money only in their respective worship places...and hope that by doing these things, they'd please God and go to heaven. They are the perfect example of hypocrites because they speak all sorts of heartwarming promises...but rarely put them into action as they are busy with their 'rituals'.

Humanity is coming to an end. Without us knowing, we are gradually adapting to this world of cold humans and becoming selfish, IQ-oriented, greedy narcissists. If we don't act now, we might become too late.

Now is the time for us to help people without thinking about their religion, caste, race, creed, financial background, lifestyle or family background. Now is the time for us to have a compassionate heart. Now is the time for us to step into others' shoes and see the world from their perspective. Now is the time for us to stop everything from being just about us. Now is the time for us to start loving and feeling like humans. Now is the time for us to be selfless. Now is the time for us to be a blessing to this world.

So my dear readers, I repeat, let's act on our personalities now before it becomes too late. Whatever religion we may belong to, as humans, we must remember that we are one. Express yourself using words, actions or any other medium. Let the other know how you feel and try to understand what the other feels. Don't miss any chance to help the needy. Try this and when you pray at the end of the day, God will surely listen to you and bless you. That's when you'll see how good of a human you are. You'll see how you let go of your monotonous, manipulated life and became more human. You'll see how you made a difference and saved this world from falling into a dark and endless pit of carelessness, greed and hatred. You'll see that there is a hero in you.

So what are you waiting for? Start living today and watch how this world becomes alive with every good deed you do...

Let's make this world a better place to live in.

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