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Usual Horror

Ooooh! Comes a scary figure which causes your heart to quake

And if you open your eyes to see, you know it's a big mistake.

They be the actor as well as the director. Well, they're the ones who make

this scary, stupid film which causes every soul to shake.

Sometime later you get the feeling that danger's approaching,

'He's gonna die. No! She's gonna die' is what you always think.

Each word echoes clearly in you mind and 'fear' it brings,

'Get out of here, Mr. Ghost' is what your heart always sings.

When the film is finally over, you wipe your last tear.

But when you go to sleep, you think that Annabelle is here!

You keep staring at the moon, for your fear isn't yet clear.

And the strangest sounds you've ever heard are captured by your ears.

The very next dawn the dark circles form a dull Rangoli around your eyes.

You're still staring absent mindedly at the very beautiful sky.

The heavenly sky of blue and red and fluffy clouds of white,

are all still very dark to you, just because of your fright!!!

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